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As our lives become more complicated, the need for multiple pairs of glasses becomes a reality. This is commonly known as Lifestyle Dispensing.

Face wear, eye wear, glasses, and spectacles are a part of Lifestyle Dispensing.  The technology and sophistication of lenses have come a long way from the days of Ben Franklin.  The visual demands of everyday life have increased tenfold.

Long gone are days that ended when the sun went down. The lenses we wear today are made of complex materials and manufactured using the latest high-tech digital equipment.  Lenses are many times thinner and much stronger than their older counterparts due to high index materials.

We can now put anti-reflective coatings on lenses to reduce unwanted glare.  The new generation of photochromic lenses gets darker quicker and lightens quicker than the early photochromic materials. Frames are now composed of ultra light weight titanium which does not corrode and memory metals which bend and flex.

New progressive bifocals feature built-in ultraviolet protection with no lines.   Most lens styles are also available in polarized sun lenses to eliminate glare when driving or on the water.  Increased visual demands and high-tech advances in eyewear provide many options for task-specific lenses and frames:
dress frames, casual wear frames, sports frames, and sunglasses frames, all as individual as your visual needs.

In addition to dress eye wear, we have task orientated glasses for use with computers.  Safety materials such as polycarbonate are used in sports vision glasses.  Tinted and polarized lenses are used for fishing and hunting. 

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